Under Bottle Light Disks

R 219.00

Whether it's on the Bar or in your Hand - a Bottle or a Glass 

One of the Hottest and Newest Nightclub & Bar Liquor Bottle Accent products in the Market

These Mini LED Bottle Stickers / Coaster / LED Bottle Glorifier, have taken the Bottle Display Industry by storm, with their revolutionary yet simple design and ease of use and function

These LED Bottle Glorifiers work best with clear Alcohol and Liquor Bottles like Vodka, Gin, Cane etc. and are placed under the bottom end of the bottle

The 3 little LED Lights give the Bottle a visually appealing and bright & beautiful LED GLOW

Great for Nightclubs and Bars, Restaurants and Casinos.  And of course your Home Bar Set up and Parties for any occasion 

You can have so much Light Up Fun with these LED Disks
They are actually stickers, so you are not limited to Bottles, but can get creative and also use them on Cups, Mugs, and Glassware
Plus so much more - use under vases, bowls, jars in place of the more expensive Light Bases.  

 4.5cm in diameter & just 3mm thick they come with 3M Tape attached

Push Button operation with 3 settings
Fast Flashing, Slow Flashing and Steady Light

PACK of 10

All Pure White LED

OR have some fun with a pack of mixed colours

2 per colour: Pure White, Red, Blue, Green, and Pink  

Just peel off the backing from the 3M Tape, attach under the clean, dry bottle or glass to see them GLOW 
These units are a One Time use item / are disposable
Light up time 12 hours +
Battery is included & sealed inside to maintain moisture resistance 

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