Petal Dunk

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PETAL-DUNK”™ is a suction devise that has been designed to anchor your FLOWERS, FRUIT and OTHER DECORATIVE products such as ribbon, Christmas balls and angel hair under water.

Choose to buy just a Pack of 6 Petal Dunks™ 
or get one of The Kits to instantly create eye catching displays 
*see further down for details*

 Instead of displaying a whole bunch of your flowers on the outside of your vase, you are able to display a single flower in the inside of your vase. Or alternatively you can create a stunning feature by grouping a number of flowers within your vase to create a unique elegance that cannot be achieved otherwise.  This is not only an innovative way of displaying flowers but is an extremely cost effective way of doing the flowers for weddings and other functions. 

Tip: Create Bubbles around your flower by adding 1/3 fresh water - secure your flower with “PETAL-DUNK”™. then pour in 1/3 SODA WATER & finally finish of with another 1/3 of fresh water.  The oxygen in the Soda Water will attach itself to the warmest part - the living flower

Serve Champagne on a “PETAL-DUNK”™ with a Rose - White Wine Spritzers, Vodka & Tonic or just Lemonade - the perfect welcome drink for the ladies at any event. 

The “PETAL DUNK”™ & your Creative Displays

Most flowers last longer than one would expect under water

The reason for this is that there is no contact with air on your flower, there is oxygen in the water and so your flower breathes. The stem is “open” and so your flower drinks.Your flower will use up the oxygen in the water and so your water will become opaque.When this happens you will need to replenish your oxygen and do so by replacing the water after washing your vase.If you do this, your flowers will last a long time. Roses for example will last anything between 3-4 weeks & Orchids can last up to 3 months.

NB: You must have some water in your vase before you "dunk" your flower, The “PETAL-DUNK”™ is a "suction devise" and not a weight. So as long as you have water in your vase, it is either concave or flat and there is no oil in your water, your “PETAL-DUNK”™ WILL remain firmly attached to the glass.

(Patented trade mark 2007/23497-8)

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