LED Tea Light Candles

R 199.00

Sometimes traditional wax / flame Tea Light Candles

just aren't the answer

Too windy ... Too messy ... Too expensive ... Burn out too quickly ...

The Fire Chief too fussy ... Venue insurance won't allow ... Children around ...

L.E.D. Tea Light candles are just perfect where traditional candles are not suitable 

Classic L.E.D. Tea Light Candles

Just like the real thing ...

Just like a wax candle tea light in appearance complete with 'flame' 

Warm White L.E.D. with flicker effect just like a real candle

3.70cm high by 3.85cm diameter 

Take 1 x CR20-32 Batteries - Supplied & Replaceable 

Light up time +/- 24 hours

 L.E.D. Tea Lights can be used in the Candle Bags

White with Hearts - Pack of 6

Just add sand or similar to bottom of bag to weight them down 

NB: Not Fire Retardant so DO NOT use with Naked Flame Tea Lights 

For a wider colour range check out The Mini LED Tea Lights 

They are in the Submersible Range too

Great to use instead of Tea Light Candles too

Don't forget to buy some spare batteries

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