Eco Light String 20m

R 299.00


Eco LED Fairy Lights offer the 

Ultimate Green Energy Friendly Light Strings Available 

Almost Zero Cost to Run - save 100% on electricity costs
No need for sun as not solar powered - in fact NO Batteries Required at all!
Cost Effective, Clever and Fun solution to having Christmas lights with no need for any external power supply
Powered by 15 grams of regular table SALT and 300 ml of tap WATER
Or just pop down to the beach & get some
FREE Sea Water 

 This saline powered Eco LED Fairy Light string is 20 metres long with a 1.5 metre lead wire from 'Saline House' to first LED 

200 Warm White LED Lights - distance between LED Lights is 10cm Dual Function - Steady Light & a Multi Flash setting too
Dark Green Wire, Waterproof Light String 
These Light Strings are NOT connectable 
Brighter than solar powered lights with no fading after just a few hours of operation, child-friendly, healthy and environmentally-friendly
Can be used inside or outside - anywhere as no power points required
Won't be affected by bad weather like cloudy, rainy and snowy days
Working temperature range is: minimum 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15°C) to  maximum 130 degrees Fahrenheit (55°C)
Easy to operate: just un-clip the top of the 'house' box and fill it up to the top black line with water Measure out 15 grams of salt and mix it into the water and put the lid back on, give a gentle shake 
Turn on by pressing the black power button, press twice for Flashing Mode.  LED indicator light in 'house' lights up when on NB: open the vent plug on top of 'house' when operating.  Close again when not in use to prevent evaporation of solution
Replace the salt water once every 5 days if using 24/7.   If turning on / off nightly - say 8 hours per session change the salt water every 15 days
The saline water must be poured out if not used for more than one week - so suggest emptying if not planning on using for a while 
The reactant is non-toxic magnesium hydroxide, it will not cause any environmental pollution so the water solution can be safely poured down the sink or drain (but do not drink)
Replace the Magnesium-bar* every 25 days if running 24/7.  
If turning on / off nightly - say 8 hours per session change replace the Magnesium-bar* every 75 days 

*Magnesium-bar - add a spare in with your order so you have on hand

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