2m Mini LED Light Strings

R 49.00

Mini L.E.D.s are the latest in technology
using less power than the Classic L.E.D. bulb without loosing any of the brightness & therefore increasing light up time with battery operation

On fine wire they are easy to manipulate in any direction, around any shape & stay in place/keep their shape but can be gently straightened out again with ease. Plus the Silver wire becomes just about invisible when lit up, in the dark. 

2m / 20 LED on COPPER wire 

Pure White or Warm White on Copper Wire
flash & steady light - tiny battery pack includes 2 x CR20-32 batteries (replaceable)

 2m / 20 LED on SILVER wire

Pure White, Warm White,  Blue, GreenRed, Pink, Purple 
On Silver Wire.  steady Light   
 Battery pack takes 3 x AA batteries - NOT Supplied

All models - Light up time 24 hours +

 Need to hide the battery pack away?  Take a look at the 1.5m option with a tiny battery pack

Need a longer length for larger areas?  Take a look at the 10m Battery operated options 

go see The Classic L.E.D. Light strings for another option 

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