LED 'Diamond' Earrings

R 99.00

Light Up the Night 

Party Diva's, Disco Queens & Royal Ravers
Hen's Parties, Bachelorette Nights
can grab lots of attention and really shine with 

L.E.D. 'Diamond' Earrings  

Clear C.Z 'Diamond' with a L.E.D. Light

in Pure White, Purple or RGB/Colour Changin


To light up  your Earrings, push the earring through your earlobe's pre-pierced hole and firmly push into the back/butterfly. Light will turn on and stay on. Steady light function only except RGB/Colour Changing.


Each Earring takes 2 x LR521 Batteries - Supplied & Replaceable  

1 pair per pack

Or grab a pair with a pack of 10 spare batteries & SAVE

Buy an extra pack for your BF & get FREE* Shipping  

NB: if known pre-sensitivity to metals do not purchase or test by wearing for a short period of time.

No liability from seller 

Stainless Steel earring (+/-2cm total length with back in place) with Cubic Zirconia fake 'Diamond' (+/-7mm) 

*Spend R400 or more to qualify


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